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Laravel - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Section 1 : Introduction of Laravel PHP Framework

  • Installing Laravel
  • Artisan CLI ( command-line interface )
  • Laravel Directory Structure
  • Configuring a new Laravel project

Section 2 : Architecture & Basics

  • Architecture overview -Basic routing
  • Call a controller method from a route
  • Passing variables from controllers to views
  • CSRF protection
  • Validation
  • Error handling
  • Controller
  • Request
  • Response
  • Views
  • Session

Section 3 : HTML Template to Laravel Blade Template

  • Master layout
  • Extending the master layout
  • Displaying variables
  • Blade conditional statements & loops
  • PHP functions in blade
  • Creating and using a basic views
  • Loading a view into another view/nested views
  • Adding assets
  • Integrating with Bootstrap

Section 4 : Security & Session

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Hashing
  • Using Security
  • Sessions Effective

Section 5 : Database

  • Introduction
  • Query Builder
  • Migrations
  • Seeding

Section 6 : Eloquent ORM ( Storing and Using Data )

  • Eloquent ORM Models
  • Naming conventions
  • Table name and primary keys
  • Timestamps
  • Using models in controllers
  • Displaying data from models in views

Section 7 : Creating a registration & user login form

  • Artisan command to create inbuilt user register and login system
  • Authenticating Your Application
  • Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form
  • Creating user profile page

Section 8 : Admin Panel Setup

  • Introduction
  • Setup Admin Panel using Bootstrap theme
  • Create Admin login
  • Creating an admin authentication system
  • Encrypting and decrypting data

Section 9 : Using Ajax and jQuery

  • Introduction
  • Getting data from another page
  • Setting up a controller to return JSON data

Section 10 : Project

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Laravel Jobs in Christchurch

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  • Full stack Developer
  • PHP Developer Laravel
  • Laravel Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Senior Php Web Developer
  • Senior Backend Developer
  • Software Engineer-Laravel
  • Systems developer
  • Lead Full Stack Developer
  • Programmer
Laravel internship jobs in Christchurch

Laravel Internship/Course Details

Laravel Laravel could be a game-changer For your business. It permits the website designers to vary a web project and its functions without the demand to induce expensive and time-consuming back-end code manipulations. Presently, Laravel is engaged by thousands of professionals around the globe. The Laravel credential procedure is easier by enabling the users to configure the functions by applying effective authorization logic and giving allowances to the resources. This small feature will prevent thousands of dollars. Nestsoft offers the best Laravel online live training with the most skilled professionals who are certified at a professional level. Laravel has many inventor-oriented options, which offer progressive work quality. Laravel could be a free, modern, dynamic, and important open-source PHP web application framework, designed for the development of model- view- controller (MVC) web applications. In such situations, you would like architectures that guard your web apps. The safe authentication and consent ability of laravel guarantee the reputed companies in their production field.

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