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Software Testing (Automation) - Syllabus, Fees & Duration


  • Software development life cycle
  • SDLC development models
  • Water fall model
  • Evolutionary development model
  • Agile model
  • Test driven development
  • Scrum model


  • Types of automation
  • Unit test, integration, system testing
  • GUL testing, API testing, load testing
  • Smoke /sanity testing importance
  • Regression/ Functional testing


  • Uses cases for testers
  • Writing good use cases
  • Elevator, mobile, phone, pen, coffee vending machine
  • List of technologies
  • Black box test technology
  • Boundary value analysis
  • Equivalence class partition
  • Error guessing
  • White box test technology
  • Statement coverage
  • Condition coverage
  • Path coverage
  • Branch coverage
  • Types of test cases
  • Positive and negative cases
  • UI test cases
  • Usability test cases
  • Field validation
  • Functional test cases


  • Test plan document
  • Title
  • Revision history
  • Objective of document
  • Scope of document
  • Objective of testing
  • Metric collection
  • Project description
  • Critical functionality
  • Test data requirement
  • Features not to be used
  • Test environment
  • Training requirements
  • Effort estimation
  • Resource requirement
  • Scheduling
  • Test strategy
  • Input/ entry criteria
  • Exit criteria
  • Test suspension and resumption criteria
  • Test completion criteria
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Bug classification
  • Test deliverables
  • Standards to be followed
  • Risk analysis


  • Bugs
  • Bug classifications
  • Bug template
  • Bug tracking
  • Bug tracking tools
  • Bug life cycle
  • Statues for bug life cycle


  • JAVA
  • OO concepts
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract classes, interface, final
  • Polymorphism
  • Overriding, overloading, this, super, constructor
  • General
  • Collection
  • Lists, sets, revise basic algorithms if time permits
  • Exception handling
  • JDBC


  • Log4J
  • ANT
  • SVN
  • JIRA, Bugzilla
  • JUNIT, Test NG
  • Other languages
  • SQL
  • PERL
  • UNIX


  • Mercury quick test pro
  • Introduction
  • Recording
  • Object repository
  • Standard checkpoints
  • Database checkpoints need to look
  • Parameterization
  • Data drove testing
  • Output values
  • Actions
  • Descriptive programming


  • Load testing (load runner)
  • Fundamentals of load runner
  • Planning an effective load test
  • Load runner installation
  • Virtual user generator scripting
  • Recording and playback
  • Action and transactions
  • Parameters, checkpoints correlation
  • Advanced correlation
  • Enhance V user output log
  • Error handling
  • Introduction to scenarios
  • Using run-time setting
  • Scenarios execution
  • Scheduling scenarios
  • Performance monitors
  • Result analysis
  • Building effective load test scripts
  • Load runner hand on exercises


  • Test management tools
  • Adding test requirements
  • Create tests
  • Executing test case manually
  • Analyze project progress
  • Run tests and analyze the results
  • Report and trace defects
  • Document generator
  • Executing test scripts remotely and more
  • The test case with requirements
  • Descriptive programming


  • Manual testing real project
  • Take a real project and do the following in different phases of the QA lifecycle
  • QA basic
  • Requirement
  • Test plan
  • Sizing
  • Test case
  • Bug lifecycle
  • Log- with log4j
  • Build
  • Boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning
  • End and end testing
  • Status reporting
  • UAT
  • Production check out


  • OR
  • SOR
  • Basic of web syntax
  • Descriptive programing
  • Functions
  • Functional library
  • Excel integration
  • Option explicit
  • Loop
  • Original identifier
  • Get TO property
  • Get RO property
  • Showing manual test script
  • Error handling using script
  • Recovery scenario
  • Download Software Testing (Automation) Syllabus
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  • Automation Testing
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  • QA Test Automation Engineer
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  • Network Test Engineer
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  • Senior Network Engineer
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Software Testing (Automation) Internship/Course Details

Software Testing (Automation) For each type of software, create and implement test automation methodologies. To get started, enrol in the speciality programme directly or browse their courses to choose one that interests you. NESTSOFT training in Wellingtonprogramme is a collection of courses that will assist you in mastering a specific skill. To keep track of your course enrollments and progress, go to the student dashboard. It is dependent on the project, the timeline, the budget, the quality, and the technique. Manual testing is inferior to automated tests. Based on the foregoing, another crucial consideration is that, regardless of whether or not to automate, the context must be recognised. Cases for Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Deliverables can be applied, designed, and executed. Understand the complications and benefits of automation in diverse software projects and know how to spot them. Recognize the importance of software testing automation.

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